Being the Best at what You Do is not Enough to Survive, Let Alone Grow. You Need to Employ Organization – wide Marketing & Sales Tools to Let the World Know You. (in association with Athens University of Economics and Business)

1. Market-led Marketing

On and off-line Market Research


2. Developing a customer centric culture

• Consumer Behaviour
• Customer Centricity
• Customer Service
• Service failure and Recovery, Complaints handling: Managing the Customer Experience


3. Marketing Communications

• Advertising
• Public Relations
• Sales Promotion
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Content Marketing
• Social Media Marketing and Brand Community Building
• Interactive Marketing


4. Reputation Management

• Corporate Reputation: theory and measurement
• Reputation VS Branding
• Corporate story-telling
• From management to co-creation
• On-line communities
• The complexities of on- and off-line presence

5. Branding

• The product and the brand concept
• Value delivery through product and corporate branding • Developing strong brands
• Managing a brand portfolio
• Brand Community Building
• Brand extensions and repositioning

6. Corporate Citizenship

• The business of business
• The pillars of corporate citizenship
• CC and Corporate Social Responsibility
• Communicating Corporate citizenship

7. Marketing Ethics

• Ethics and moral philosophy principles
• Moral decision making in business settings
• The moral dilemmas of the 4Ps
• The moral dilemmas of marketing management

8. Managing Service Quality

• The concept of Service
• The IHIP model of service characteristics
• The ServUction model
• The 21st Century service domain and Service-dominant logic
• The Service Marketing Triangle (internal, external and interactive marketing)
• Customer expectations, satisfaction and loyalty
• The Gap model of service quality
• ServQual dimensions and quality measurement systems

9. Developing a Culture of Innovation

• Value chain analysis
• What is innovation
• Red ocean – blue ocean
• Types of innovation
• The learning organisation
• Creativity
• Synergy & balance
• Innovating the 7ps
• Organisational culture
• Barriers to innovation
• The role of internal marketing
• Interpersonal and group communication Perception
• Rethinking the way you think
• Empathy & Ethos
• Overcoming resistance to change