Code of Business Conduct

ANTAEA is committed to do its business lawfully worldwide, irrespective of national boundaries or cultural diversity. Legality is one of the fundamental values of the company, and of utmost importance for ANTAEA Owners and Management. We expect all personnel to follow the principle of strict compliance with all legal requirements. Violations of the law are not tolerated in our company. This applies without exception. ANTAEA Code of Business Conduct provides a guide to ANTAEA personnel to do business both lawfully and ethically.

The Code includes the following principles:

Lawful conduct

Responsibility for ANTAEA reputation
Conduct towards personnel

Avoiding conflicts of interest

Engaging business partners for private purposes
Proper use of ANTAEA facilities and assets

Dealing with information

Company documents and records
Data protection and information security
Insider information

Conduct towards business partners and third parties

Relationships with suppliers and customers
Bribery, corruption, inducement

Product quality and safety

Occupational health and safety, fire and environmental protection

Information and Training

Reporting irregularities

Quality Control